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New Paddlers

Sunset Bay offers various options for the new or non-competitive paddler. Successful events in the past have included:

- ‘Come and Try’ days. An opportunity to try outrigger canoeing in a relaxed and social atmosphere. All ages (min 10 years old) welcome. These sessions are designed to give inexperienced non-paddlers who are curious about outrigging the chance to try the sport in a fun and safe environment. Participants who wish to continue can join Sunset Bay’s social or competitive outrigger programs. See our FB page or contact us directly to find out when our next Come and Try day is scheduled.

- Training programs; teaching the participants all aspects of outrigging, from learning to paddle through to the historical islander references and traditions.

- School group sessions

- Other local sporting groups have organised outrigging sessions as a team building session

- Corporate sessions - an excellent team building experience.    

Social/Recreational Paddling

New paddlers are encouraged to call prior to attending your first session as times may change or sessions may be cancelled due to rough sea conditions etc.

Sporting Club and Corporate Sessions 

Sporting Club and Corporate sessions for fitness and team building can be arranged. Learn how to paddle while enjoying the view back over Eimeo Beach / Bucasia / Dolphin Heads, then finish with a little friendly competition…  

Company versus company 

Department versus department 

One sports team versus another

Membership Forms

Click on the appropriate link to download membership forms.

PLEASE NOTE: The Membership Package includes: Membership Overview, Membership Renewal Form, Medical Declaration, Membership Prices, AOCRA Registration Instructions and Canoe Storage Application.

Visual example of a good paddling technique.